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Genki Forest Sugar-Free 元气森林苏打气泡水 CRAFT AND SPICE: Genki Forest sparkling water delivers all the things you like about traditional soda drink, with zero calories, no sugar, and nothing artificial; with the perfect combination of flavours. A BETTER SODA: Genki Forest -zero calorie soda, there's a naturally sweetened; this product carbohydrate mainly comes from erythritol, erythritol energy coefficient is 0KJ. SMARTER CHOICES: Whether you're craving a burst of sweetness, a bubbly treat or a guilt-free drink for movie night, we've got you covered, enjoy the anytime convenience of a calorie-free, naturally flavoured, effervescent soda delivered right to your door. PREMIUM PRODUCT: The bubbles taste good, there are three flavours to choose from: peach flavour/citrus flavour/cucumber flavour; drink it with dinner, drink it with recreation, drink it after exercise, give you health, vitality and good life. Totally Sugar Free , Total fat 0%, Calories 0% PROMOTION: Get 1 Genki Drink for FREE with any purchase of 1 Garlic Bread

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